Portrait by Martin Bogren - Arles, 2018

Stories only happen to those who know how to tell them.

Photography, like writing, is only a means. 
Images have a responsibility. The days of beautiful images are numbered, the good images survive above all. The ones that recount the unsaid, the non-visible, the ones that reveal a different mystery for each of us. 

I have been working in visual communication for fifteen years, first in advertising agencies, now as a freelancer. I studied storytelling to learn how to write stories, and I grew up as a photographer attending the workshops of Anders Petersen, Lorenzo Castore, Michael Ackerman, and Martin Bogren.

My daily life is the search for a vision of the world that seeks to be as honest and dishonest as possible.

Because in the end it's just mine.

Working with natural light and constant aesthetical research.

Both digital and film photographs are featured on the website.
Taken in Italy and abroad.

They have all been wonderful human encounters.

Interview (ita)

A long chat with Michael Bertolasi about storytelling, photography and my path into this world.

Great interview style from Michael and I am really happy for this wide-ranging conversation.