The Tennis player.

Carla is from the North, she's 12 years old and has 6% body fat.

Carla trains every day and goes to the cinema with her mum on Thursday evenings.

Carla has a dream: to win Wimbledon. It will be the only time she wears white because Carla wears black on the court. There are many ways to scare an opponent, and they don't necessarily come from a drop shot with short breath.

Carla doesn't like stretching and has a long ponytail like Sharapova.

When she was three, Carla played with a racket in front of the fireplace in the den. Her dad threw her a ball and she hit it right back in his face. Same speed, same position for millions more balls until she became the first in the world in the Under-10s Circuit.

If you ask Carla what the most important part of her is, she says "my arm".

Carla's talent moves within the perimeter traced by the white lines of a tennis court.

Her talent comes from days of always the same stretches, uniforms that change only in size, hair that gets longer, ever more precise trajectories, desire for competitions, the fear of winning, and a father's love.

Everything is played and defined within that court and within that article.

The Tennis player.

Published on Perimetro, 19 luglio 2020